Only a few hours left until the start of the KICKICO

Their ICO will be launched today at 1:00 PM (UTC) and their goal is to raise 50.000 ETH, which at this minute’s ETH value means 17.600.000 USD.
KICKICO wants to be the blockchain platform for ICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting on smart-contracts. So, in other words, they want to be for crypto what Kickstarter is for USD. I personally like their idea, as I believe they will empower all the smart, but not very financially empowered people that have some brilliant ideas, but do not have the money to develop a full-featured ICO.
As this idea is combibing the success of crowdfunding with the success of blockchain, I see great potential and, what is most important, I see the utility of the idea. Lately there are a lot of ICOs and unfortunately I consider most of them are either useless, scams or have no realistic goal (fantastic ideas, but very hard to achieve).
As for their token (KickCoin KC), it looks like a promising long-term investment, as it will have a utility and doesn’t seem to be just another uselesscoin. The ICO parity will be 1 ETH = 3000 KC.