Monetha has raised 95.000ETH (36,6 million dollars) in just 18 minutes! Investors not happy for not being able to invest.

I’ve been waiting for the Monetha ICO for a while now and have tried to buy MTH today when it started. I couldn’t finish the process since at first I kept receiving a registration error message in which I was asked to contact the Monetha team. After about five minutes I finally did it and initiated the transaction. Seven hours later my transaction is still pending and the ETH is in my wallet, which means I didn’t manage to buy MTH.
Looking over the internet I found a lot of other investors that are in my situation and that are commenting about whales that had the chance to buy before the ICO start time and also that were not very happy with the buying procedure.
Even if I didn’t manage to buy, I must admit that i really appreciated the pre-ICO communication and transparency and that the team behind this project deserves congratulations for such a success.