Datum ICO analysis – the marketplace for all data

The ICO project in one paragraph: Datum is an online marketplace for the digital version of you – that means all the data a person generates in his or hers life. Datum plans to support from social networks to IoT devices, cars, intelligent homes and more. Beyond their consumer-to-business (C2B) model, they have a business-to-business(B2B) service and are seeing businesses wishing to share and sell their own data in an open and transparent way. With these building blocks in place, and incentives for all stakeholders (suppliers, keepers and consumers of data) aligned, Datum might be a start of something big, a new way of exchanging information, the start of the New Data Economy.
What makes Datum different: Datum levels the playing field by giving startups and large businesses unprecedented access to users personal data (with the users permission and under complete control), as well to data offered by businesses. For example, Google and Facebook may each have access to 10% of your data, and are able to build amazing services on top of it. On the other hand, Datum will enable data sharing across devices and will focus on the service rather than comparing it with other services.
Token utility: DAT will be a utility token that will be exchanged for certain privileges on the Datum Network. Such as participation in the data market and registration as the storage node etc. Tokens exchanged for these activities shall be destroyed, as the supply of DAT is fixed at issuance the net effect of these activities is that the supply of DAT will decrease over time (deflation). Marketplace participation and activity will drive spending (destruction) of tokens for privileged services. Storage Nodes will be paid DAT Tokens for storing and transmitting data. Datum service users will be able to purchase, sell and receive DAT in exchange for data, as well as earn DAT tokens for storing data in large storage nodes.
Actual partnerships or strategic relationships with other companies or organizations​: I couldn’t find out much from them. Here is their official answer: “We have also employed two of the top accounting firms in the world as we seek global availability for the Datum platform. Unfortunately, due to the confidentiality contracts in place, we cannot announce the partnerships. We are working towards announcements, so stay tuned.”
Raised funds usage after pre-sale finishes: 60% of gathered funds are spent on development and deployment of Datum data marketplace, 15% will be spent on operations, 15% on marketing, 5% on legal and 5% on security.
Token sale schedule: The public sale will start on October 17th 2017.

As a conclusion, here are TokenCouncil’s ratings:
Project idea: 9/10
Token utility: 9/10
Partnerships/real world usage: 4/10 (only promises, nothing certain or specific)
Overall media buzz: 8/10
Communication channels and openness: 10/10
Score: 8.0/10