SwissBorg ICO analysis

The ICO project in one paragraph: SwissBorg will be the “Cyberbank of tomorrow owned by Community”, where individuals will benefit from democratic, transparent and trustful investment services to manage their crypto-wealth.
What makes SwissBorg different: The SwissBorg ICO hilights four key features of the vetnure:
First and foremost is the DAO that will issue the CHSB Token, which will give token holders voting and economic rights over the Swiss Cooperative. Token holders are entitled to receive revenues generated by the DAO.
Second is the Cryptallion, a multi-strategy Token Hedge fund giving participants exposure to advanced investment strategies in cryptocurrencies with a competitive fee structure. The Cryptallion (CSB) Token will be 100% distributed to the network.
Third, the Smart Mandate, an Investment Mandate encoded in a Smart Contract. Each client has its own customizable, transparent Smart Mandate that allows collaborating with several Financial Advisors hands-down. The Client can configure their banking requirements and investment strategies.
Finally, the ‘Cyborg Advisor’, providing sophisticated investment strategies with the best technological tools based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, helping holistically manage your assets with ease. Hmm…
Token utility: CHSB token holders are entitled to receive revenues generated by the DAO.
Actual partnerships or strategic relationships with other companies or organizations​: I could find pretty good partnerships with Swiss Finance, Swiss Banking Advisory, CryptoVally, Ambisafe and BitGo.
Raised funds usage after pre-sale finishes: Operation 10%.
Investment Division 21%
Legal 17%
Tech 24%
Marketing 14.5%
Running costs 7.5%
Meritocracy 6%
Token sale schedule: ICO has ended, however the CHSB token will be listed on HitBTC on Feb 1st 2018.

As a conclusion, here are TokenCouncil’s ratings:
Project idea: 8/10
Token utility: 7/10
Partnerships/real world usage: 8/10
Overall media buzz: 8/10
Communication channels and openness:9/10
Score: 8/10