Modex public pre-sale shifts to private

Modex, the blockchain application marketplace, has announced to all stakeholders that its public pre-sale of Modex tokens will shift to a private-only sale in less than 24 hours.
Those who wish to continue purchasing tokens will have 24 hours (terminating at 16:59 GMT on March 2nd, 2018 ), before the window closes. The company has explained that in order to respect its order book of firm reservations for institutional contributors, it will restrict pre-sales of remaining tokens to private clients. The 24 hour grace period enables members of the public to finalise pre-sales that have been either planned or are in the process of being secured.
General public contributors will be able to participate in the token sale when the Initial Token Offering opens. The ITO starting date is scheduled for March 28, 2018.
The public pre-sale of the Modex token kicked off on January 19th 2018, with the price peg of $0.40 USD. The scheduled ITO price —  March 28 through April 28 — pegs the Modex token at $0.80 USD. The initial pre-sale was launched on a private basis only however the amount of general requests led the company to briefly open the offer to the public at large.
For more information about the Modex token sale, please visit:
Built by the same team that built the award-winning peer-to- peer mobile payments app Moneymailme, Modex is a smart contract marketplace for developers to upload and sell their products following the Modex vetting and auditing procedures and standards of excellence.
Over 600 blockchain developers globally have registered to join the Modex community and the Modex team is actively onboarding clients for their smart contracts.