Elysian: Short ICO analysis

The ICO project in one paragraph: Elysian is a decentralized Ecommerce platform that builds websites on the blockchain for Ecommerce merchants. The platform improves security by storing data across a distributed private network using Ethereum’s private side-chain for Proof-of-Authority consensus. In addition, the platform creates enhanced user experience through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence for virtual assistance and simple website navigation, and Virtual Reality to promote increased user engagement to lower bounce rates in Ecommerce.

What makes Elysian different: As I see it, Elysian is one of these projects that aim to bring cryptocurrency mass adoption closer to reality. After all, this is what we all aim for, right?

Token utility: Elycoin is a utility token. As expected, it is the primary method of payment on the Elysian platform and can be atomically swapped with other tokens as well. It is also integrated into the Elysian Growth Pool to reward community members that perform tasks that can improve the project.

Actual partnerships or strategic relationships with other companies or organizations​: As I could see on the website, Elysian currently has partnerships with QUOINE, iFashion, AirSwap, Havven, Cappasity, Lamden, and Sether. Nice point of start, in my opinion.

Raised funds usage after pre-sale finishes: Development – 40%, Marketing – 30%, Reserve – 20%, Partnerships – 5%, Legal Fees – 5%.

Token sale schedule: They are currently in the last stage of their crowdsale, the Token Generation Event, which runs from June 20th to July 8th on the QRYPTOS platform. The softcap has been raised (3 million USD) and the hardcap for the entire crowdsale is 19 million USD.

As a conclusion, here are TokenCouncil’s ratings:

Project idea: 10/10
Token utility: 8/10
Partnerships/real world usage: 9/10
Overall media buzz: 8/10
Communication channels and openness: 10/10

Score: 9.0/10