YondoCoin ICO interview

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Name and position of the person responding: Aleksandra – YondoCoin representative
ICO name: YondoCoin
Restricted countries: “Tokens are sold globally, excluding:New York State (USA)
Washington State (USA)
Central African Republic
Korea, Democratic People’s (North Korea)
Republic of Congo,
the Democratic Republic of the
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
Iran, Islamic Republic of
South Sudan
Syrian Arab Republic
Soft cap (USD): 100
Hard cap (USD): 20000000
Token Sale start date: 13 March 2018
Token Sale end date: 31 August 2018
Describe your ICO project in one paragraph: Yondo is an e-commerce platform that allows users to sell digital products including Online Videos On Demand and Online Video Courses, Live 1-To-1 Video Sessions, Webinars, and Online Audio On Demand. With Yondo, users can sell Ebooks, Audio Recordings and Online Courses that package ebooks and videos together. The ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology, meaning user payments are secured by smart-contracts, while the platform uses YON tokens for cross-user activities.
How is your project different than other ICOs announced recently? 
1) Yondo, unlike the other ICO, has a working MVP. Yondo is a ready-made product that is on the market for more than 4 years. Yondo already has a relatively large pool of regular active users from more than 114 countries, which is growing every day.
2) Yondo, being an all-in-one video e-commerce solution, also offers users a unique technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.
3) Yondo is a beautifully developed ecosystem in which users can earn. The availability of a finished product and a detailed action plan for future development guarantees a high level of trust and 100% anti-scams.
Is your token an utility token? What is its utility?
Utility token based on Ethereum platform.
Does your ICO currently have partnerships or strategic relationships with other companies or organizations?
How do you plan to use the funds in developing the project? (Ex. 40% R&D, 20 marketing, 40% pizza)
100% on project developing.
As a conclusion, here are TokenCouncil’s ratings:
Project idea: 8
Token utility: 6
Partnerships/real world usage: 2
Overall media buzz: 4
Communication channels and openness: 6