Japan issues first cryptojacking prosecution for $45 worth of Monero

Yoshida Shinkaru , a 24 year old man was sentenced one year in prison for illegally mining (cryptojacking) the Monero cryptocurrency. Reports say the man used CoinHive to maliciously mine Monero by inserting the mining software into an online game cheat. The cheat could be downloaded for free from his blog, then being installed on downloaders’ computers, secretly mining Monero.

While CoinHive is a perfectly legitimate Monero mining tool, secretly inserting it into the downloadable file was not legal.

However, the man’s plan did not go very well, as the file was downloaded 90 times from his personal blog and it helped mine $45 worth of Monero. Not that a bigger amount would have been worth it, it’s just that $45 is a ridiculous amount to serve one year of prison time.

Maybe the Japanese authorities want to set a clear signal that cryptojacking is a major criminal activity and will be punished accordingly.

In my opinion, it’s not about the amount, it’s about the action. This kind of behaviour is also partly responsible for the mainstream attitude towards cryptocurrencies and stands in the way of mass adoption.