Here are the top 5 ICOs to date, by funds raised

ICOs are today more popular than ever. This year alone we’ve seen more than 700 launched ICOs to date. Popularity also comes with a price, though, as we see less successful ICOs, in terms of reaching at least their soft cap, not mentioning hitting an exchange or delivering the project they promised. But let’s focus on the successful ones, as there have been quite a few that worth mentioning. Here is the list with the top 5 ICOs by funds raised so far.

  1. EOS – $4,197,956,135 – the launching in the golden era of ICOs and conducting a year-long ICO proved to be the success recipe for EOS. With strong marketing and an all-star team they managed to raise almost 4.2 bilion dollars in Ether. An amount so big that everytime they sold Ether, they influenced the price.
  2. Telegram Open Network – $1,700,000,000 – well, this isn’t exactly an ICO, since the ICO never happened. This because the company raised $1.7 billion from private sale investors to fund the project. As funds are not a problem anymore, we are expecting further developments of the project.
  3. TaTaTu – $575,000,000 – another project entirely funded in the Private Sale stage, the startup aims to build a content distribution platform that rewards both producers and viewers with TTU tokens for their engagement with the site, funded by advertising proceeds. This is nothing revolutionary, as we’ve seen other previous projects based on the same idea. A very ambitious project that aims to focus on own content creating and is also relying on its’ founder’s connections, film producer Andrea Iervolino. We’ll see if it can beat Netflix’ $8 billion yearly production budget.
  4. Dragon – $320,000,000 – Calling their token (DRG) “The entertainment token”, Dragon Coin is a digital currency that wants to transform the gambling industry from Macau and beyond. We’ve heard a lot about this project, from floating casino plans to being backed by the Chinese government and there have also been some rumors about it being somehow related to gangsters. Bottom line is it raised enough funds to make it the fourth ICO in our list so far.
  5. HDAC – $258,000,000 – standing for Hyundai Digital Asset Currency, the HDAC team describe their project as “an Internet of Things (IoT) contract platform based on the blockchain”. In other words, HDAC is a blockchain based platform that allows IoT (Internet of Things) devices to communicate with one another, while handling payments, data storage and identity authentication. So, a project similar to IOTA that raised more funds than IOTA…