OpenBrix ICO interview

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Name and position of the person responding: Shahad Choudhury, CEO
ICO website:
Whitepaper URL: OpenBrix Whitepaper
Restricted countries: USA
Soft cap (USD): 0
Hard cap (USD): 25.000.000
Token Sale start date: June 1, 2018
Token Sale end date: November 30, 2018

Describe your ICO project in one paragraph: Blockchain based property portal that is open, transparent and simple to use.

How is your project different than other ICOs announced recently? We are the only ICO that focus’ on one simple thing that blockchain is good at. we don’t over complicate our offering like other. We simply offer an open and transparent platform that allows homeowners and customers to communicate and transact without intermediation.

Is your token an utility token? What is its utility? Yes, it is simply used a mechanism for transactions on the network, and to stamp the transaction onto the ledger.

Does your ICO currently have partnerships or strategic relationships with other companies or organizations? Yes it does. we have signed an MoU with REM Loyalty. We have signed agreements with 14 independent estate agents. We have a strategic relationship with Applied Blockchain to build out network.

How do you plan to use the funds in developing the project? (Ex. 40% R&D, 20 marketing, 40% pizza) 50% marketing, 15% professional costs, 10% operations, 25% Development.


As a conclusion, here are TokenCouncil’s ratings:
Project idea: 10
Token utility: 9
Partnerships/real world usage: 9
Overall media buzz: 9
Communication channels and openness: 10