Tired of being included in Telegram ICO groups? You can change that!

Telegram is very important to the crypto environment, as many enthusiasts join the channels of their favorite projects in order to stay informed and updated. Groups with tens of thousands of members are nothing new nowadays. This has developed a new business niche: Telegram community growth agencies, Telegram community management agencies and so on. Unfortunately, with great utility comes great deception, also. The ICO trend in 2018 is to have a bounty program which involves all kinds of actions from users: social media posting, vlog publishing, blog posts and so on. Among these, bounty hunters often have to invite a number of new members to the project’s Telegram channel. Bots have been specially developed for this kind of actions, so now it’s very simple to add hundreds of new users to a Telegram channel in just a few minutes.

As I was getting tired of waking up and discovering I was included in 10+ Telegram groups overnight, I then did some research and found out there is a setting you can do in Telegram in order to stop being added in groups by anyone. I know you are all very tech-savvy and most of you knew that, I am just posting this for that 1% (of which I am part of) that didn’t know that.

Here’s what you must do: