Name and position of the person responding: Roman Yefremenko , CEO
ICO website: https://igt-crypto.io/
Whitepaper URL: https://igt-crypto.io/documents/en/whitepaper.pdf
Restricted countries:
Resident or taxresident of the United States of America (hereinafter referred to as the “U.S.” or U.S. Person under definition of Rule 902 of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933), People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “PRC”), South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Central African Republic and countries or territories or individuals under the sanctions of the United Nations or the European Union
Soft cap (USD): 1.000.000
Hard cap (USD): 12.600.000
Token Sale start date: September 3, 2018
Token Sale end date: December 29, 2018

Describe your ICO project in one paragraph: IGT-CRYPTO – is a crypto-exchange from the IGT Company, which unites professionals who came to the field of blockchain from classical financial markets. Programmers together with successful financiers have created a platform that combines advanced technological solutions, high level of security and transactions speed.

How is your project different than other ICOs announced recently? At the time of ICO’s launch, our team has already implemented a crypto-currency trading platform, launched and functioning. Looking with confidence in the future, today we came to an understanding of the need for global scaling and development of our crypto exchange. Our project is going through a tokenization process to attract investment and accelerate development. Without dependence on the IСO process, the company will develop and support the project!

Is your token an utility token? What is its utility? Yes, Becoming the owner of IGT Token, you also become a member of the IGT Community, which gives you the right to enjoy a number of privileges Becoming the owner of IGT Token.

Does your ICO currently have partnerships or strategic relationships with other companies or organizations? B-Trade,  Clearjunction, Peiko, Daviann, Scorechain.

How do you plan to use the funds in developing the project? (Ex. 40% R&D, 20 marketing, 40% pizza) 15% – Administration 15% – Marketing and promotion 10% – Legal support 25% – Technical development. 35% – Liquidity and Margin Trading


As a conclusion, here are TokenCouncil’s ratings:
Project idea: 9
Token utility: 9
Partnerships/real world usage: 8
Overall media buzz: 9
Communication channels and openness: 10

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