People of Blockchain: Armando Goldman

Name and current occupation: Armando Goldman, trader

Describe your current activity: Trading, Entrepreneurship, Competitive Intelligence Consultant

When did you first hear about Bitcoin/blockchain and how? In 2012, a guy started talking to me about it. I didn’t invest.

What was the first crypto-related activity you did? 2015 I started trading BTCUSD. Trump announced he’ll run for President. The markets reacted to the potential uncertainty. Right then I noticed that the traditional safe heavens were not attracting the “smart money” in the markets, but Bitcoin was. That’s how it all started for me.

What was the last non-blockchain related job/occupation you had? Competitive Intelligence Consultant for ZIVAC center of studying and analysing human behaviour, focused on lie detection.

What made you migrate to the blockchain professional environment? The need for my abilities in the industry.

How do you see your role in blockchain and crypto? How do you think you can influence the industry? I brought Competitive Intelligence in the industry.

How do you see the actual situation with ICOs? Do you believe they should be regulated? Regulation always comes with a delay. Now, the situation is still uncertain for most of the participants and regulation is present, but fragmented. I believe that as sooner as we have a more clear system for regulating ICOs, the industry can move forward towards continuing the mass adoption cycle. Regulation can represent an edge for this industry and until then, this edge is not bringing the potential to the big table.

From your point of view, what are the main challenges of blockchain at the moment? Speed, safety (security), Integration (banks, governments), ease of use.

How do you see the future of blockchain? How will it evolve? Where do you think we will be in ten years’ time? Do you see crypto as some kind of universal payment system? Do you think that bitcoin will still be king, etc? 10 years time is a very long time to forecast, in 2018. My guess is that: ₿TC will still be king. Some kind of universal payment system might happen sooner that 10 years time. Poor countries will use blockchain and also many emerging ones. This will create a very agitated and volatile movements in the global markets, eliminating stability from the poor/poor-middle class markets and pushing it towards the rich ones.

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