Fanfare Global ICO interview

Name and position of the person responding: Vincent Lim, CEO
ICO website:
Whitepaper URL:
Restricted countries:

1. The People’s Republic of China (excludes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, and Taiwan)

2. United States of America

3. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

4. Democratic Republic of the Congo

5. Eritrea

6. Ethiopia

7. Iran

8. Iraq

9. Libya

10. Somalia

11. Serbia

12. Sri Lanka

13. South Sudan

14. Sudan

15. Syria

16. Trinidad and Tobago

17. Tunisia

18. Vanuatu

19. Yemen

Soft cap (USD): 4.000.000
Hard cap (USD): 40.000.000
Token Sale start date: August 17, 2018
Token Sale end date: October 31, 2018

Describe your ICO project in one paragraph: FANFARE is a community-based 2-sided Social Commerce platform for creating, curating and converting consumer-generated videos into instant Shoppable Videos for brands.

How is your project different than other ICOs announced recently? We are the only blockchain-powered Social Commerce platform. Fanfare is built to solve one problem. Presently, when a brand likes a certain user-generated video on traditional social media platforms, they have no way to link their product directly to that video, or face challenges getting in touch with that content creator. We are the only true Social Commerce platform enabling any brand to add a ‘BUY’ Button directly onto any user or consumer-generated video on Fanfare, thereby converting it into a an instant point-of-sale Shoppable Video. This means the Brand can actually add a product onto that video, linking it directly to its own eStore or preferred eCommerce site. At the same time, the content creator is rewarded immediately without the need any intermediary. This unlocks the true value of Social Commerce. We’ve gone beyond MVP, prototype and beta. The Fanfare platform has been ‘live’ since 17 August 2017. We have already built 2 versions of the Fanfare App – a User App and the Brand App. We have an existing working ecosystem, with over 200,000 downloads, 90 ambassadors and 200 brand partners onboard. Fanfare is in a unique space that is not being focused now. We have a first mover advantage and we believe we can be the main player in the Social Commerce space to create a new online shopping experience for everyone.

Is your token a utility token? What is its utility? Utility

Does your ICO currently have partnerships or strategic relationships with other companies or organizations? Some of these collaborations and partnerships include the integration of Cryptocurrencies into Fanfare’s ecosystem which would lead to ‘social shopping’ being powered by digital currency within Fanfare’s crypto-friendly eStore, for example, Electroneum coin. We have over 200 brand partners from across the globe signed up to our ecosystem. Fanfare is also an affiliate partner of Lazada, Rakuten, Ali Express and Aladdin Street. Going forward, we are constantly looking to forge more meaningful partnerships to grow Fanfare.

How do you plan to use the funds in developing the project? (Ex. 40% R&D, 20 marketing, 40% pizza) 40% Sales & Marketing 13% Network Expansion 21% Operations 26% Research & Development


As a conclusion, here are TokenCouncil’s ratings:
Project idea: 8
Token utility: 8
Partnerships/real world usage: 8
Overall media buzz: 9
Communication channels and openness: 8

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