Wanchain Joins Hyperledger, Focusing on Blockchain Interoperability

Wanchain announced on Wednesday that it has joined Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies hosted by The Linux Foundation (see Hyperledger’s press release here). The latest general members to join the community include FedEx, Honeywell International Inc., and Constellation Labs. Wanchain joins other Hyperledger members such as IBM, Baidu, Accenture, Intel, Oracle, and Deloitte.

“We are honored to be joining forces with the Hyperledger ecosystem, and look forward to working with its esteemed members on the development of a universal open standard for distributed ledger technology,” said Jack Lu, Founder and CEO of Wanchain. “Our passion for cross-chain solutions stems from our belief that, in order to realize blockchain’s full potential, the chains that make up the broader blockchain ecosystem must be able to connect and interact seamlessly with one another. The Hyperledger community shares that vision, and we are excited to work closely with its members to achieve our common goal and help push the entire industry forward.”

As a member of the Hyperledger community, Wanchain will seek to advance the cross-chain capabilities of the broader Hyperledger ecosystem. Wanchain’s team will collaborate closely with the Hyperledger Quilt  and the Hyperledger Indy communities on the development of interoperability solutions.

Wanchain is a blockchain ecosystem working to enable the cross-chain exchange of digital assets between blockchains, using privacy protection and smart contracts. Wanchain recently announced that it has hit another major milestone –  the launch of testing for Wanchain 3.0, the latest iteration of the Wanchain platform. The Wanchain 3.0 product launch includes cross-chain functionality with Bitcoin, making Wanchain the first and only blockchain interoperable with Bitcoin and Ethereum using secure multi-party computation.