FactR ICO interview

Name and position of the person responding: Cory Skinner, Founder & CEO
ICO website: https://factrpay.io
Whitepaper URL: https://www.factrpay.io/FactRWhitepaper.pdf
Restricted countries: None
Soft cap (USD): 20.000.000
Hard cap (USD): 60.000.000
Token Sale start date: July 1, 2018
Token Sale end date: December 31, 2018

Describe your ICO project in one paragraph: Our mission is to bring decentralized, immutable Blockchain technologies to the logistics and freight industry.

How is your project different than other ICOs announced recently? We use escrow based tokens to process commercial invoices for logistics and freight transactions. Via finance partners and permissions based smart contracts on Hyperledger, we ave an SDK enabled wallet that can be embedded on any way or native app in days.

Is your token a utility token? What is its utility? Utility, create and tokens on Stellar, on escrow based smart contracts for Logistics invoice settlement.

Does your ICO currently have partnerships or strategic relationships with other companies or organizations? Yes, we have partnerships with SAP, IBM and now serve thousands of customers in several countries with our Intelligent digital freight platform.

How do you plan to use the funds in developing the project? (Ex. 40% R&D, 20 marketing, 40% pizza)  30% Product Development, 10% Pilots, 40% Sales and Business Development, 20% Legal and Operations


As a conclusion, here are TokenCouncil’s ratings:
Project idea: 9
Token utility: 9
Partnerships/real world usage: 10
Overall media buzz: 9
Communication channels and openness: 9

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