Etherparty – Rocket 2.0 launch to include security tokens, IPFS, and much more

Canadian blockchain technology company Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.(“Etherparty”) is excited to announce a significant milestone in their upcoming launch of Rocket 2.0.

Rocket, the first official software product of Etherparty, is the most user-friendly token crowdsale creator in the market. It allows users to launch and track their project without the need of a development team. The end-to-end solution, currently designed for utility token-based projects, will soon have the option to deploy security tokens in the next phase. This new feature will be called the Real Security Token Standard or “RSTS”.

On top of this, version 2.0 will also be integrating InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to support the new Security Token system and ensure all blockchain project documentation is secure, accessible, and transparent. Soon, blockchain projects that want to release a security token-based crowdsale and for those projects levying a system that underpins securitized assets, will be able to be supported.

“This is an exciting milestone in the evolution of our product. Rocket 2.0 really represents what security tokens should be – having the ability to link real world assets and securitize them while using AML, KYC, filing in jurisdictions, dividends, voting, whitelisting, and storing actual documents in IPFS.” said Lisa Cheng, founder and Head of R&D for Etherparty. “We are calling this the Real Security Token Standard, RSTS.”

Rocket already has over 600 projects signed up that are interested in using the token crowdsale creator.

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