People of Blockchain: Aravinda Babu

Name and current occupation: ARAVINDA BABU / Technical Block Chain Adviser And Solution Architect.

Describe your current activity: Independent technical adviser to various block chain companies all over the world.

Short bio: Aravinda is an expert technology adviser for startups mainly in Blockchain and Security areas. He got one patent recently with US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) on encryption deployment discovery in an enterprise. He got Master’s degree in computer science with 18+ Years of rich industrial experience mainly in cloud, security, Blockchain.

When did you first hear about Bitcoin/blockchain and how? 1 1/2 Years back through online.

What was the first crypto-related activity you did? ERC20 Smart Contract Development.

What was the last non-blockchain related job/occupation you had? Encryption Key Management product design and development.

What made you migrate to the blockchain professional environment? As my background related to Cryptography and network security product line, i thought my logical extension will be block chain.

How do you see your role in blockchain and crypto? How do you think you can influence the industry? It will change drastically in the coming years and almost all industries will have its impact.

How do you see the actual situation with ICOs? Do you believe they should be regulated? Regulation will make more cleaner and genuine ICO projects will survive.

From your point of view, what are the main challenges of blockchain at the moment? Usability and adaptability.

How do you see the future of blockchain? How will it evolve? Where do you think we will be in ten years’ time? Do you see crypto as some kind of universal payment system? Do you think that bitcoin will still be king, etc? If we can use Crypto like Fiat, then no one can stop them. I think BCH will move fast than Bitcoin.

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