People of Blockchain: Nick Nichols

Name and current occupation: Nick Nichols, CEO at

Describe your current activity: Developing our own eco-system with own blockchain and crypto currency exchange

Short bio: Dad and husband first, then everything else

When did you first hear about Bitcoin/blockchain and how? First heard about it in 2012, some miner from Sweden bought a house For 40k btc which was around 400k euros at the time. It really got my attention but at the same time wasn’t convinced enough in the tech or the currency.

What was the first crypto-related activity you did? Is actually funny! After I heard about btc, I completely forgot about it for about six months, when bitcoin made headlines again and some other miner had 20k btc but threw away his laptop with the hard drive, and went looking for it on a landfill. Round 2 was more serious I made it as far as creating an account on verified the account and transferred funds to buy btc but chickened our last minute, so I transferred my funds back into my account! (Big mistake)

What was the last non-blockchain related job/occupation you had? I was the founder of London based Phoenix Refining, a precious metals company

What made you migrate to the blockchain professional environment? After my debacle of 2012 and not getting onto the bitcoin train, I decided that I’m gonna educate my self this time. The more I learned about blockchain the more I got pulled in “Blockchain does that to people” however it was only investing at first. Was I fully pledged believer? interested & impressed perhaps but nowhere close to being an evangelist. The idea of decentralisation was the major driving force and the decider in the end.

How do you see your role in blockchain and crypto? How do you think you can influence the industry? A bit of a devils advocate, we are pushing for everybody to offer their clients something in return wether is equity or shares in their companies, the encourage growth and investment pouring into crypto, A bit of what we are doing right now with our company, the development of our eco-system, we want all mainstream companies to see and understand that traditional business can be also conducted on the blockchain, and we encourage as many business’s as possible to decentralise.

How do you see the actual situation with ICOs? Do you believe they should be regulated? Many will disagree, but one cant function without the other, there needs to be some sort of regulation, perhaps not by the governments maybe a association of companies but is definitely and most certainly needed. ico’s simply for the fact of raising and scaling money in the name of “decentralisation” does not work any more, and utilities need to proof a use case first and even I that case how many people will give an ico millions without wanting a piece for them self? Regardless of tech and business idea.

From your point of view, what are the main challenges of blockchain at the moment? To attract Investors!! Without the investor the tech adaptation has no chance, the business has to be conducted on the same principles it has been conducted for hundreds of years, there is no other challenges. The tech is not in alpha or beta testing, it works, it worked for several years now.

How do you see the future of blockchain? How will it evolve? Where do you think we will be in ten years’ time? Do you see crypto as some kind of universal payment system? Do you think that bitcoin will still be king, etc? Blockchain will thrive, there is no doubt about that. The technology is amazing and it has potential to do amazing things, I’d like to say that every king in history lasted only so long and that some point it was replaced by somebody younger and stronger or just greedier, bitcoin will still be around but probably as a commodity only, there are money projects that are far superior in every way. Crypto has great potential to hopefully one day replace fiat all together.

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