Huobi capital looks ahead to 2019


At the first-ever Sora Summit in Macao on November 13, Huobi Capital Managing Director Li Huodiscussed a wide range of issues, including the differences between Asian and Western approaches when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency investment and development, Huobi Capital’s future plans, and his overall predictions for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in 2019.

“There were many investment projects in 2017, but investors have become more aware of the current trend and more rational in their thinking towards investing,” Huo said. He also believes that increased attention from Chinese regulators towards blockchain-based financing will ultimately have beneficial effects. “Strengthening supervision on blockchain-related financing investment from the Chinese government will motivate our industry to move forward,” he added. Huo also expects that the US will get a head start on risk and safety regulations by next year.

All in all, Huo anticipates that the cryptocurrency and blockchain space will continue to gain public acceptance in the coming year. “I believe that the blockchain industry will become more mainstream from 2019 onwards and more investors will want to engage in it,” he said.

Huo also outlined Huobi Capital’s goals for the future. “Huobi Capital focuses on infrastructure projects, half of which are in North America, and half of which are in AsiaEurope, and South Korea, etc.” he said. “Huobi Capital focuses on investing in frontier technology and solving scalability, stability, interoperability, and privacy problems in public blockchains,” he said.

Huo also said Huobi Capital has been paying increased attention to technological developments in the United StatesEurope, and the Middle East.

Finally, Huo talked about the difference between investing in Asia and the West: “A good variety of the markets in Asia makes it more suitable for new product testing. As a result, there are more market-oriented products in the Asia and more technologically driven projects in the West.” Huo said.